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Debian Lenny End-Of-Life

Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog at all, knows that I’m a Linux fanboy and run Linux as my regular operating system on all my personal computers. (Alas I’m still stuck with Windows at work ).

I started using Linux early in 2005. The first distribution I tried was Ubuntu Warty Warthog but I found it a bit warty so I switched to Fedora Core 3 and stuck with it for about half a year. Later in 2005 Ubuntu Breezy Badger was released, and by then Ubuntu was getting such great reviews I decided to give it another try. I loved it and I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main operating system ever since. Lately I’ve been growing out-of-love with Ubuntu, thanks to their new Unity desktop, and I’ve begun experimenting with Linux Mint – but Mint still has Ubuntu at it’s heart.
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Gpodder Post-Download Scripts

I’ve been an avid podcast listener ever since I bought my first (and so far only) mp3 player back in 2007.   To download and manage my podcasts I use Gpodder – it’s the best “podcatcher” software I’ve found for Linux/Gnome and it works on Windows too.  Gpodder has a very useful (but seemingly little known) feature that allows you to run a script every time a podcast is downloaded.  It’s handy because it allows you to process the downloaded audio or video file automatically before you listen to it.
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