Glorious Poutine

A few months ago I was having a craving for falafels. Falafels, smothered in garlic sauce, with some lettuce, and served in a pita. Mmmm delicious! And it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve had good falafels. The only problems is, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any restaurants in Nevis that serve falafels. At least I haven’t found one.

So, I figured if I was going to have falafels I would have to make them myself. Living here, you learn fairly quickly that if you want something, you very often have to make it yourself.

Now I like cooking, and I’m a pretty good cook when I’m motivated to be (unfortunately the motivation is often the ingredient I have the hardest time finding, which is why Janet handles most of the cooking in our house). But with this falafel craving, I’m feeling motivated! A big problem though is that falafels have to be deep-fried. I’ve tried oven-baked falafels before and they weren’t very good – I’d call them falawfuls. And I made a rule years (decades?) ago that I wasn’t going to deep-fry foods when I cook at home. It’s just too unhealthy, and I get more than enough deep-fried foods eating out at restaurants. But if I was going to get my falafels I was going to have to break my rule. Ok then, the falafels would be worth it.

Our house has a gas range, with open flames for the stove-top burners. Call me paranoid, but I don’t like the idea of deep-frying foods over open flames. I have visions of our whole kitchen bursting into an inferno and destroying my single-malt scotch collection (to say nothing of the rest of the kitchen). I could never willingly expose my single-malts to such a risk. So I figured I ought to get an electric deep-fryer. No problem. I popped onto Amazon, read a few reviews, picked out a fairly small, inexpensive deep-fryer and had it shipped here. I took a couple months for it to arrive – but finally it’s here!

So what do you think was the first food I cooked in my new deep-fryer?

I bet you’re guessing falafels aren’t you?

Nope. It was Poutine of course! Hey, I’m Canadian eh.

Sweet glorious poutine.

Another thing you can’t buy in Nevis seems to be cheese curds, so I had to settle for some waxy local mozzarella, which looked somewhat more appetising than the waxy Kraft mozzarella. Oh well, can’t have everything – and it was fantastic anyway.

I’ll get to the falafels one of these days.

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