Diving Nevis: Nags Head North and Bugs Hole Reef

I love being able to take a 5 minute stroll down to the beach and dive shop and go scuba diving any time I want.  I went diving again a couple of weeks ago on St. Kitts and Nevis Independence Day (which also happens to be International Talk Like A Pirate Day – I don’t know if the overlapping dates are a coincidence or not).  It’s the only holiday all year that we get off (not counting between semester breaks) so it seemed like a great opportunity to dawn the mask, fins and tanks.

Once again a couple of friends and I went out with Scuba Safaris at Oualie Beach in Nevis.  We hit two new dive sites: Nags Head North and Bugs Hole Reef.  Both were pretty good dives: not too deep so good bottom times, plenty of smaller tropical fish and both sites had some interesting sightings including sea turtles, a school of eagle rays, and a nurse shark taking a snooze on the bottom.  Ellis, the owner of Scuba Safaris, swam right next to the shark and pet it.  Nurse sharks aren’t at all dangerous to people, but I’d still have to question the wisdom of petting one, they’re not pets and they do have mouths full of sharp teeth that could snap at you if you piss them off… but it was his arm, and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing far better than I do.  The shark didn’t seem to mind, it just kept on dozing.

Here are some pics:

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