Diving Nevis: The Christena Wreck and Green Point

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pics.  I’m still struggling to find a way to post private photo’s in wordpress so I’ve been holding off.  I expected it would be easy to somehow set photos to ‘private’ but I can’t figure out how.  My geek confidence is plummeting.

Anyway, I want to post some diving photos so I’m just going to omit any photo’s of people (at least where they can be identified) – so I don’t have to worry about keeping photo’s private.

Last weekend I went out diving with several friends.  Janet tagged along on the boat but she didn’t come in the water.  We took a little refresher lesson first.  This was my first dive since Malapascua over a year ago – I didn’t really think I needed a refresher, but most everyone else was doing it, so I decided it couldn’t hurt if I did it too.

Our dive operator was Scuba Safaris located at Oualie Beach on Nevis, just down the hill from us.  They brought us out to 2 dive sites just off St. Kitts – the first was the MV Christena wreck.  The Christena was a passenger ferry that ran between St. Kitts and Nevis.  It sunk in 1970 and 240 people died.  It’s still a painful memory for many people here.  The wreck is mostly intact and it has become a small artificial reef, with many small reef fish.  The second site was called Green Point.  It’s a shallow reef close to the St. Kitts shore, again with many small reef fish and good light (so better photo’s).

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  1. The pictures are great. Makes me wish I could dive. Perhaps I could snorkal and see some of that when I get down there to visit.

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